Titanium backup fails to upload to dropbox HELP!!


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Oct 21, 2011
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I'm having a problem getting TI pro to upload my saved items all it says is it failed. I've tried about six time now. I have a thunderbolt. This is the paid version. I do have a dropbox account. I don't have dropbox app on phone.

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Is your dropbox account added in titanium backup settings? How big of a file are you trying to upload?
480 MB. I do have dropbox set up on titanium backup. Plus another problem I'm having is my apps don't show up in back up restore. It only shows one app in all my batch. How do you get it to scan and put all your apps on there again?

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Ok I got my apps to show up. I just uninstalled it and installed it. How do you shrink the file?

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I believe you can create an update.zip through titanium backup so that you can flash it in clockwork to get your apps back.