Time zone problem (VPN??)


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Nov 9, 2022
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Samsung M31
Hi everyone,
I have a weird problem: yesterday, with no apparent reason, my phone display showed two times (just as when you're abroad and the phone automatically shows the two time zones).
One time was tagged as "Home", the other one as "Local time", and they were the same.
I didn't give much weight to that, the phone is old (Samsung M31).
Today I read an article from a US newspaper, and I shared it with a friend: she was unable to read it, saying "The content is unavailable in your zone)
When she told me, I tried to open the article again, to screenshot that, but I got the same error message.
I don't understand the reason of this oddity.
My anxiety comes from discovering, in March, a spy app on my phone, able to record my phone screen and audio through the mic. I'm afraid it could be something similar :(
Any idea or advice?
Thank you!