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Dec 19, 2009
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My droid is 15 seconds fast as compared to WWV, cell system and GPS. I can manually set it to a time standard but within a few minutes it will reset itset. All my other cell phones are right on with all time standards. Anyone else seen this?
I have a Breitling for telling time....

Does 15seconds matter?
maybe all your other cell phones are slow? j/k i can't imagine what/why that would be...
It's the engineer in me. If the internal clock is off then what else my not be quite right?
It is NOT the internal clock. The reason it may be off (and the reason it continues to go back even after you change it), is that the phone gets its time from the VZW network.

So, if it is in fact wrong, the problem is VZW and not the Droid specifically.
I considered that. All my other Verizon phones are accurate as are the limited number of others I looked at. Also another Droid at the Verizon store disagreed with mine. I have resisted doing a reset but I may try that in the end.

It isn't a problem just an annoyance. I think I'm a chronophile (or something like that).
I had the same annoyance and found this thread. For posterity's sake, I thought I'd post the reason this is. The CDMA networks run off GPS which is absolute whereas UTC takes into account leap seconds to keep it lined up with solar time. The difference at the moment is roughly 15 seconds.

Leap second - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia