Connect to Cell Bluetooth App for Motorola Droid Bionic


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Oct 21, 2011
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A few years back I dumped my landline in favor of going all cellular. I purchased a couple of Z6tv Motorola Phones and linked them through Panasonic Connect to Cell Blue Tooth Home Phone System. All was well, the system worked perfectly. When I walked into the house, I turned off my Blue Tooth Ear Piece and my cell phone would automatically link to my home system, that the cell phones were paired too.
Times have changed and I migrated to the New Motorola Droid Bionic and now all is not well. I am able to pair up to the Panasonic Home System and calls come through ok and able to do everything that I used to, except for one thing. When I walk into the house and turn off my Blue Tooth Ear Piece, my Bionic will not auto pair to the system. I have to go into system settings and pair it manually.
With all these new Connect to Cell Systems coming out, I would think that there would be an APP that would allow this Droid to do an auto pair but I haven’t found one.
Does anyone know of such an APP, for the Droid Bionic?
If not, is there anyone on this Forum that can build such an APP, as this?
With the Land Lines going away and these New Connect to Cell Systems hitting the Market Place, I would think that there would be a Demand, for such an APP.

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