thunderbolt pre~order refund??


Dec 22, 2010
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Was anyone actually able to get a refund on their pre order? I went to best buy and they told me its against policy to do refunds on gift cards. I guess I'm just going to have to spend it on something else.
thats why best buy does that so u can change ur mind but have to spend it in the store.

never heard of anywhere refunding gift cards..
scam? id rethink of the word choice.

they arent "scamming" anyone. its not their fault VZ isnt releasing the thunderbolt on the original date. its not on them.
I got a refund for my pre-order as did many other people on this forum and other Android forums, just ask to speak to a manager and tell them that it's ridiculous that it's been delayed so many times(not officially but Best Buy told me numerous dates:Feb. 14th, 24th, 28th, March 4th, March 10th and every single one was incorrect.) If you hassle them enough I'm sure you can get your money back
I just went up to them and told them I wanted to cancel my pre-order and that i wanted my 50 back. They gave me 50 bucks cash. So just go and tell them the deal.
Well those that got refunds on a gift card are pretty lucky. My BB will not. I am sure that if you want to cancel your pre-order there are plenty of items in BB that you could apply the gift card to so that it is not a total loss. I know that the TB will come out eventually and when it does I still have my gift card that I will apply towards the purchase price.
Ya know, it's funny that anyone can refer to a delay when even as of today with call center reps confirming a date, Verizon has not made a release date announcement. Best Buy has discussed some dates, but they had nothing to do with reality.

How is that Verizon's fault? How is this not at least a little shady on BB's part? I love how this gets distorted.
Mine actually told me that I could either get a full refund or use it for anything else in store.