Three More Members Of Rescue Squad Make Mod


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Nov 30, 2009
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N.E. Ohio
As the Droid Forums grows in order to keep it at the quality that members expect we've had a number of new moderators added, some from our sister forums and some from our rescue squad.

I'd like to congratulate, pc747,jstafford1, and mwhartman on becoming Moderators in our Forum. Not only will they be moderators, they are still working in the Rescue Squad, we just couldn't lose that type of talent.

Welcome to the team guys! It's great to have you here.dancedroiddancedroiddancedroiddancedroid
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Congrats to pc747,jstafford, and mwhartman.

You are needed to keep the rabble rousers in line (yeah, we know who you are). Just means the site continues to grow,

[maniacal voice] and soon, Android goodness will cover the entire planet! MMMUUUHAHAHA(cough, cough, sputter) [/manical voice]

I mean, thanks guys for making this a more enjoyable place.
It's a pleasure just being a part of this place!! Look forward to the continued grow!!
mwheartamn is a class act. Saw the draft results mwh, I haven't done this ff espn thing before, but I am looking forward to it! Hookbill was my favorite mod until mwh got signed in! J/K ; ) But not really! J/K ha!