Spotlight member of the week: what is it about


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Dec 23, 2009
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As we gear up to continue the spotlight member of the week honors I want to take the time to give the members a little background. We wanted away to thank those who are helpful on the forum and are constantly providing assistance. Members of the rescue squad do what we can to be on and to provide the one on one assistance, but there are time when we may not get to an issue whether it be because we are at work, with our families, or busy helping another member. There are members who have been providing that one on one help that we as the r.s. provide and we wanted away to acknowledge those who have been helpful to the forum. So we felt what better way than honoring them on the forum and giving the member their own thread for that week.
This started as a way to honor members but we also wanted to give a little light on some of the staff members who are helpful as well, so every other week we will honor a staff member of droid forums and their sister forums. Being that the Rescue Squad is hosting this we can not win the honor ourselves.
So what do you have to do to get honored? continue the work you do helping members.
I have helped members and I have not been honored yet: If you are providing the help to the forum then we see you, continue to help the forum and your acknowledgment may come.
So to all the Spotlight members who have been honored I again congratulate and thank you for the help you provide the forums. And as we begin a new year I will be watching the forums.