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Dec 23, 2009
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COVID has impacted so many in so many ways whether you are one who has lost your job, been sick because of it, or lost a loved one. The impact is reaching. I started this last week with a YT vid and I want to continue this now. But I am hoping to offer an ear and a place for those going through to freely be able to talk. So if you are dealing with this and it has really got you down know that someone is here to lend an ear. Feel free to post either here or in the yt below frustrations and things you have been dealing with because of COVID.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been impacted including the President and his wife. This is not meant to be political. Though I do not agree with a lot the President has done or said in the past 4 years I do not wish sickness or death on anyone. Also the same thoughts and prayers for those who have passed from this illness. As I said here we will get through this.

Note: This is not a way to promote a video. That video is probably the worse sounding video I have made in a while. I stripped away all the production because I truly want to help those that have been impacted.

My granddaughter came in contact with it but cant be tested until tomorrow. Since she's living with us now looks like we'll all be on self quarantine until we get the results.
I would like to add my own personal prayer to this prayer .... to include all those that are struggling alone ... those in nursing homes, acute care facilities, assisted living centers, or their own homes ... especially as we get ready to enter the holiday seasons, which is a very difficult time as it is for many ... Thanksgiving and Christmas ... In San Diego county, we are preparing to go back into another lockdown scenario (purple) starting this Saturday. PLEASE include them all in your prayers as well.
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