This thing is addicting...

hax0r teh plane7

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Mar 22, 2011
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I can't put this thing down! I held out for so darn long to get a smartphone and think I timed it right when I picked up my X. I like the iphone, but I really like the additional flexibility and tweaking you can do on the droid. Plus at the time of purchase, iphone wasn't available on verizon. Upgraded from a very old slider, SGH D807, probably the better part of five years old.

I'm rooted and tried out the Liberty ROM which I like for its reduced bloatware. This ROM is new to me, and I recently paid for LauncherPro after using the free version for a while on the stock ROM. Still messing with the settings. I ran into some issues which I should probably start another thread for in a different sub forum.