Thinking of going to Best Buy and plunkin down $599.


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Jan 21, 2010
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And coming home with a new T-Bolt.

I say do it.. remember you got 30 day to return to BB, but only 14 days to cancel the new contract if things don't work out.. I am loving my TB and my buddy had an X and now can't put his TB down..
I thought this was gonna be a Xoom thread, found this in the recent posts section and didn't see the section this was posted in
I came from the OG Droid, but I agree that you should definitely go with the TB - it's fantastic and the lte speeds are crazy fast
Ok... I'm walking out the door. If all goes according to plan I'll be posting from a different phone in an hour!
I came from a rooted Droid 1 and had initial reservations about not waiting for dual core. Now that I have the tb with root I have zero regrets. I also did a one year contract which will be perfect timing for when dual/quad core come into their own.

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i could trade my xoom in to bb and get the bolt... really?
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Nice. You're going to love it!

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Got full return on xoom. I haz tboltz

How did u get $599?

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Best buy sells it for 749. You must have gotten them to price match Verizon's price.

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And coming home with a new T-Bolt.


This is one of the coolest posts and follow-ups I've ever seen.

Congrats, dude. I'm truly happy for you.

Don't let the battery spoil your fun. There are many cures for the battery life so don't listen to those folks. Enjoy the best phone on the market. :greendroid: