thinking of buying a droid have some questions


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Dec 5, 2010
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Say, I was going to buy a used driod 1, and I have t mobile existing normal phone contract. Can I use the droid as a just a phone, except when I have my home wi fi broadcasting, and use the droid for internet on it.

In other words I would be using the internet on the droid only when there is a wi fi connection around, and just as a phone when there isnt a wifi.

Thanks in advance.
When you Add the Droid to the plan you will be required to get the unlimited data package for smart phones.

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I'm pretty sure you can't use the droid 1 on t mobile . And if you could they would require it have a data plan.

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I missed the t mobile part, the D1 won't work on your network.

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Any phones branded as "Droid" (D1, D2, DX, DPro, etc) are all Verizon phones and thus have a CDMA antenna inside of them. T-Mobile runs GSM, but offers several phones running the Android OS (just nothing branded Droid since that is specific to VZW).

All of the Android phones will require getting a data plan upon purchase or activation. VZW does offer a 150 mb/mon plan, which would work for your purposes, but it is a plan that is highly recommended for those who are going to use Wi-Fi on the phone rather than data since these devices suck down the Mb like water.

If you absolutely have to stay on T-Mo, I'd suggest looking into a used Nexus One. Its still stock Android like the D1, but supports GSM. Being its a Google phone (more so than any other), it'll also get any OS updates before any other phone. However, you will probably still be required to get a data plan from T-Mo.