TheRootNinja Taunting LG, G4 To Be Rooted Soon!?


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Oct 6, 2011
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All this time and the Preview version of the LG G4 is still not rooted. This is probably because the security experts who normally release root have not necessarily had these devices in hand. Most of the preview units were released to media and press and a few lucky consumers who won various contests. Today TheRootNinja twitter account tweeted that they were excited to receive their LG G4 units. They added that they were especially excited for the Verizon variant. One could only assume this means they have plans to root and possibly bootloader unlock all variants of the LG G4. The LG G3 was pretty quickly bootloader unlocked and has been able to run a custom recovery and custom roms almost since release.

Of course the fellas behind "TheRootNinja" are purist. If they find an exploit that isn't already known they may decide to turn it in to LG. Believe it or not these guys do this to make our devices more secure. When root methods and exploits are released to the public OEMs have to patch them. Sometimes its the only way to get their attention. Personally I would love to see the LG G4 bootloader unlocked. I am really enjoying this phone and think I'd like it a whole lot better with some CyanogenMod on it.

via @TheRootNinja