There Will Be No Snapdragon 835 Phone From HTC At Mobile World Congress


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Oct 6, 2011
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HTC will not be releasing a flagship phone featuring a Snapdragon 835 processor at Mobile World Congress. This has been confirmed by HTC's President of Smartphones "Chialin Chang". During an interview at the HTC U Ultra announcement he suggested that not only would his company not have a flagship featuring the Snapdragon 835, but no other manufacturer would either. This lines up with rumors we heard earlier this week which suggested that Samsung has already bought all the Snapdragon 835 processors leaving none for the rest of the OEMs. Of course they will have their chance once the next batch comes around.

Chang had this to say:

Every time there is a brand new CPU with power that we can leverage, we're always at the forefront doing that. Some people are talking about the timing [of our release] but timing was determined 9 months ago. This is the best CPU out there. When the next flagship CPU comes, HTC will be one of the very first tier doing that.

When we will look back, it will be clear why HTC introduced [these new phones.] We want to have a couple of months of leadership before the next flagship CPU comes. But that will be in another period of time- not at MWC. Not for us or any other player. I can tell you that for sure. When the new CPU comes, HTC will have another flagship.

I am kind of mad at Samsung. Of course they have the buying power to do this, and business is business. It would have been great to see an LG G6 and an HTC 11 that could compete with the S8 releasing right alongside the device. Surely the V30 will feature the chip later this year and HTC will have something for us later too. Does it matter to you if your top priced flagship has the very latest specs? Does it matter as long as the phone is snappy and works well?

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Jun 28, 2010
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i think chinese will bank on manufacturers not having access to top qualcom chips as they will be able to step into the market with theirs.