There Will Be A 6GB RAM Variant Of The Galaxy S8 That You Can't Buy!


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Oct 6, 2011
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While Samsung didn't announce it at the unpacked event last week they will be releasing a 6GB RAM variant of the Galaxy S8. Unfortunately it won't be available in North America. The only way to get it would be to import it from China or Korea where it will be available for more than $1000! This 6GB variant of the Galaxy S8 will also include 128GB of onboard storage. The DeX Station which converts your S8 into a full blown desktop PC experience also comes with the $1000+ at no extra charge. It looks like this will also be the S8+ variant of the phone which is not cheap in the US either. It makes you wonder why Samsung wouldn't offer this to the rest of the world.

via GSMarena


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Another thing that will likely be on the note 8 along with (possibly) the fingerprint reader under the screen.

I'm betting they planning on bringing all the horses, bells, and whistles for the note 8 as all eyes will be on that device.

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I'm waiting for the Note 8. Let's see what they bring to the table to get my money!
Yeah I won't need the note 8 but I'm definitely intersted... and if this deX station is any good... sign me up. I loved the concept on my bionic... it just wasn't powerful enough. it's an entirely different story now.