[THEME] Team Black Out! The Dark Side! Blacked Out Apps!


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Oct 6, 2011
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I want to give a big warm welcome to the one of the newest dev teams to take up residence here on our forums! Team Black Out is comprised of a list of great developers including Djdarkknight96, jujelus22, B_boytm, Nitroz, bgill55, JaeKar99, Nmiltner, c_hale22, jatx2wne, ArtVandelay440, IcedVentiMocha, and a bunch of other great guys! They have made it their goal to bring to the Android Community the largest compiled list of Blacked Out/Inverted and Transparent Apps. They have achieved this goal and the list of themed apps is pretty long. They may have accomplished their goal, but they aren't finished they add new apps and update current apps all the time.


The list of blacked out apps includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flipboard, Dropbox, Copy, Box, ESFile, Play Store, Hangouts, Gmail, Gvoice, GTranslate, Goole Settings, Keep, Drive, Maps, Youtube, Google Now, Play Music, Chrome, Email, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, FB Messenger, Linkedin, Pandora, YahooMail, Instagram, Wordpress, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Apollo Music, Mighty Text, Genie Weather Widget, Spotify and many more are added all the time. Head to the thread below for more information on these awesome themed apps.

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