Team Black Out Launches New Site Along With New Blacked Out Apps!


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Oct 6, 2011
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TeamBlackOut has officially launched their new site! They have been working hard on getting the website together, but that doesn't mean they relaxed on development. They just dropped their updated suite of Blacked Out Apps! They are also working on a whole lineup of Transparent apps which should be released soon! If you aren't familiar with their work essentially they take all of the white elements of an app and replace them with black elements which really gives your phone a unique look, especially when you use these apps with an inverted theme!

Facebook 3.2 along with Facebook Messenger 2.4.3 have each been blaced out and they look awesome! I noticed some awesome theming in the framework of the app. Silver wrapping around text boxes and silver break lines make it all look pretty sick!

Flipboard looks amazing! If you sit and read flipboard for a while your eyes will get tired very easily looking at all of the bright white that is normally in the app. This fixes that. The background is black while the text is white making Flipboard much easier on the eyes!

So many apps are included in the suite. You can get Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pandora, Yahoo Mail, Instagram, WordPress, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Apollo Music, Mighty Text, Genie Weather Widget, Spotify, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Play Store, Hangouts, Gmail, Voice, Drive, Keep, Maps, Settings, Translate, YouTube, Google Now, Play Music, Chrome, Email, DropBox, Copy, Box, ESFile Explorer, can all be had in Black! Grab these apps from the source link below.