[Theme] Synergy Is Back!!!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Some of you have been around Android to remember the Gingerbread days. Heck it doesn't seem too long ago that we were all psyched about the new black backgrounds which simplified the UI and saved battery life. Some other huge new features were the introduction of NFC and copy and paste. Around this time we also saw the T-mobile release source code for their theme engine. This was quickly picked up by rom developers who merged it into their roms for the use of the masses. BSThemes comprised of Brian Gill and Steve Skurtz were one of the first to release a full theme that worked with the new T-mobile theme engine. No longer did we have to wait on a theme developer to tear into one of our favorite roms and theme it. Now we could simply download an app from the app store and apply it in the theme chooser! After 40,000+ downloads and several updates the Theme was retired.

Now it is back! Theme developer "Sparkyman" has revived this beloved theme! This theme has been updated to 4.2 and over 2000 images have been custom tweaked! Synergy is back and better than ever. Grab it from the source link below!

Via Play Store
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