[THEME PORT] d2g Fission 2.4.3 > Fishaholic from squidly


Jan 17, 2011
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Hey all,

I mainly did this to have another theme to use on my d2g but I figured I would post it in case anyone else likes it and wants to use it.

First, Fishaholic created this theme for Squidly's ROM, so thanks to him and anyone else who had anything to do with this theme. All I did was transfer over files to a d2g fission 2.4.3 theme to use on my device. I had to change a few things because the status bar was black with black text. I also used some images from one of Castro's d2g fission themes that he ported/created, so thanks to him as well. I don't have a donation link and am too lazy to create one so if you like or use this theme maybe you can donate to Fishaholic or Castro.

I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. This works fine for me on my d2g running fission 2.4.3

Download Link : fishaho_d2g.zip

To install this I transferred it to the root of my sd card. Booted into clockwork and wiped cache and then chose to install zip from sd card.

Everything that was included in the original theme probably didn't make it to this port but I'm limited in knowledge on some related things so...

I didn't make any icons for this one but there are numerous adw themes with red icons as the one I am using at the moment. I'm sure there are numerous red themes for all of the home replacement apps.