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Dec 5, 2010
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I know I've seen a couple people have this problem but I'm not certain I've seen a resolve for it.

Every time I try to install a theme on my X, whether it be through the toolbox or through the forums, it downloads alright but when I go to install them it says it can't open the zip (bad). Again, I apologize if I've missed the fix but I've followed installation instructions carefully. I did get one theme to install a while ago which was the blacked out blue theme but I'd like to try different ones. Any help is much appreciated.
When you download the themes through toolbox, is the download getting completely finished? Try going to the downloads folder where it puts the theme.. deleting the themes zip files there, and redownloading. If there is a corrupted download in there, the toolbox will recognize that file is already there and not replace it. Therefore, the bad one stays. I had this problem on 1.0 . Usually, I try to make sure that the downloaded files size matches what either mediafire, or the thread says its supposed to be. That way if it doesnt finish I know to delete it and retry before trying to install.

Hope this helps.
I'm having a similar problem. I just installed Liberty 1.5 the other day and every time I try to install a theme, the phone will reboot and tell me the .zip doesn't exist. Should I flash and reinstall Liberty?
Nope, just do what the second poster said. Delete zip from download folder and try redownloading. Be patient through takes awhile.
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Thanks, I'll try again when I have WiFi. I'm deployed to Saudi Arabia right now and my phone is disconnected. Only 2 places on base with WiFi...
Alright I'll try that. I guess I never really payed much attention when downloading. Thanks for the responses.

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Well that seemed to be the problem for the toolbox themes. Thanks again for the help.

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