The V30 Will Have Best Low Light Camera Performance On An LG Phone!


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Oct 6, 2011
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LG just announced that the upcoming V30 will have the best low light camera performance of an LG phone. The main camera of the V30 will include an f/1.6 lens. This will allow for 25% more light than cameras with an f/1.8 lens. LG has confirmed that the second lens will be used for wide angle photos like previous LG phones. Edge distortion will also be improved by 20% vs the V20 according to LG. An interesting point is that LG did note the lenses will include both optical and electronic image stabilization, but didn't specify which lens would have which method of stabilization. We should have more details on this device during the announcement on August 31.

via AndroidCentral


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I just don't get why LG got rid of the laser autofocus from the G4. It made amazing photos with the flash off, I could take a picture while moving my hand and it would be pretty steady.

At least, I think they got rid of it? If my G5 still has it then it certainly does not work anywhere near how my G4 did.