The UK Judge that Forced Apple to Apologize Now Joins Samsung's Legal Team


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's an interesting twist in the Samsung vs. Apple patent wars, and one that most of us would not have seen coming. Apparently, Sir Robin Jacob just stepped down as judge in the UK and joined Samsung's legal team in a separate dispute against the ITC. The reason why this is both interesting and significant is because this is the same judge who previously ruled against Apple in the UK. He was also the same judge who called out Apple for "lack of integrity" in the way they handled the case and ordered them to apologize publicly to Samsung.

In some ways, this seems like it would be a conflict of interest, but of course, it definitely seems like the legal system in most countries tends to make up its own rules. Regardless, Samsung seems to have a heavy hitter in their corner now. We will see if it makes any difference.

What's that old saying about "strange bedfellows?"

Source: Engadget