The Samsung Galaxy S5 Includes Three New Battery Saving Advancements


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Dec 30, 2010
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For some, the new specs and features of the Galaxy S5 did not "Wow!" them. Of course, it's hard to be impressed by new smartphones today because the technology has quickly matured. Still, there are always a few things which each of us hope for in the next generation of smartphone. One of the most sought after features which nearly everyone can agree on is improved battery life. Intriguingly, vastly improved battery life happens to be one of the defining features of the new Galaxy S5, yet Samsung didn't choose to focus much on it.

Here's what we know about three new technological advancements, included with the Galaxy S5, which will supposedly give it insanely good battery life:

  • NavExtend - This aspect focuses on improving the battery life by up to 25% while using GPS and navigation. This feature determines the needed graphics processor overload compared to what the GPS requires. Basically, not everything needs to be refreshed at a high pace, and frames are removed. This will help in keeping the smartphone cooler too.
  • WebExtend - This aspect will boost the battery life by another 25% when using the web browser. Like NavExtend, it also determines the graphics processor overload needed versus that required by the browser. It too reduces heat build up, and works with current Android browsers.
  • GameExtend - This has already been implemented in the Galaxy Note 3. It manages power usage of graphically intensive applications and games and is supposed to increase battery life by up to 50% more than conventional standards.
On top of these new battery saving functions, the Galaxy S5 also includes an improved battery saving mode which changes your display to black and white when you are at 10% or less power. Samsung claims that in this mode the phone will still last 24 hours on only 10% power! It seems that Samsung is working hard to wring every bit of juice possible out of that 2,800 mAh battery found in the Galaxy S5.


Feb 7, 2014
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I like this. Seems GS5 battery will be nearly as good as G2 despite being 200mAh less. I think they were two humble on the battery improvement during presentation.