The Next Generation iPhone/iPod and Android Car Kit for the Music Lovers!


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Feb 1, 2013
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Music at GROM is central is to the creation of their car kits. Music affects our moods and the direction of our thinking. As drivers, it can sooth our anxieties while driving through rush hour traffic. During long dull drives, music can excite and reinvigorate us.

GROM understands that a large medley of artists and listeners enjoy music while driving. Its customers are a diverse mosaic of audiophiles. That is why GROM has developed a new vision of one of its classic car kits.

The original model (IPD3), with its reliable design and reasonable cost, was one of GROM’s most popular car-kits! This classic kit provided clear, high quality sound through an auxiliary 3.5mm connection from the iPhone or other MP3 player to factory your car stereo. A popular choice for many, the kit attracted users with its simplicity, ease of use, and crystal clear performance.

This new version (IPD4) offers more than just auxiliary connectivity. In addition to the same quality auxiliary cable sound, the new Android and iPhone/iPod car kit will also include:

· USB port for Android and Phones/IPhones

· Extension port for Bluetooth dongle connection.

IDP4 features full USB port integration for Android phones and iPhones via USB cables. USB offers a high quality sound, along with stereo assimilation. You can control your hand-held devices through your car-stereo equipment and have all information available from your hand-held device displayed through your stereo console.

IDP4 additionally offers extension ports for the GROM Bluetooth Dongle (GROM-BTD) and aux-in 3.5mm connection. Bluetooth Dongle makes it possible to use a Bluetooth connection to operate your smartphone via its wireless antenna. This allows for wireless music streaming and hands-free phone calls.

GROM now is taking this kit to the next level and bringing something fresh, greater value for their customers!

The GROM-IDP4 will be available for shipping on July 15th.

For more information, visit us on our website, GROM-IDP4.


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