Android® Integration to In-Car Stereo – Which Transforms Android into Car Media ctr!


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Dec 26, 2012
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Belmont, Ca
GROM Audio is the first in the Android market to deliver Direct Connection (via GROM-USB2P car kit) to Android devices.

Features and Benefits of Android Direct Connection Kit (GROM-USB2P) to Factory Car Stereo

• It allows users to connect their Android phones/Devicesdirectly into In-car audio systems for complete media control.

• Android users can easily use their car stereo or steering wheel controls to access and play music stored on Android device or USB flash drive. In addition, GROM-USB2P2 features AUX line-in 3.5mm phone jack for other audio sources.

• The GROM system allows to play music from either an Android mobile phone or a tablet, through the factory car stereo. Song titles, artists, and album names are displayed on the car radio display, where permitted by the stereo.

• GROM Multimedia Kit Integrates Bluetooth technology (Via Bluetooth Dongle GROM-BTD) for Wireless Audio and In-car Hands-free Calling. Most importantly, users can keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while talking to callers

GROM Car Kits are the ultimate solution for Android device owners with factory car stereo system without Bluetooth or direct Android phone connection.
Users are able to stream music and enjoy hands-free, by adding wireless functionality into the car stereo.
GROM-USB2P makes whole in-car music experience much more enjoyable: better sound as a result of direct audio connection, convenience of in-car Bluetooth, and Android battery remains charged.