The Incredible New OnePlus 3 "Optic AMOLED" Display Is Actually Just a Super AMOLED!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Buzz words and HYPE these are the tools used by manufacturers to move product. With hype words the hope is always that the media will run with and it will catch fire in the minds and hearts of the consumer. The latest hype word comes from OnePlus. Their OnePlus 3 features what we all hoped might be an all new display technology "Optic AMOLED".

As it turns out Optic AMOLED is nothing more than just a Super AMOLED display with some slight modifications. OnePlus has optimized the color and temperature of a Samsung Super AMOLED for their liking. This was addressed by OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei in a Reddit Ask Me Anything.

Question: How does optic AMOLED technology differ to regular AMOLED displays used in other phones?

Pei: We’ve taken Super AMOLED and added our take on contrast and color temperature, to try and bring it more true to life. In addition, we’ve designed its performance profile to work well when outdoors in bright conditions.

Question 2: What generation super amoled is the panel?

Pei: Current gen, but do understand that displays get customized for each manufacturer. No serious manufacturer uses off the shelf displays.

Question 3: Anything besides software changes?

Pei: Even something like color tone is a combination of hardware and software.

Hopefully these modifications will give us some true to life colors and contrast as well as better sunlight performance.