The "I just got my HTC Vive" thread


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Dec 30, 2010
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Sound off here if you ordered the HTC Vive VR headset and let us know when you get it.
When will the HTC Vive be available in other countries?

I've been following the VR news and previews for a while now and I have a 90 inch screen where I project my nvidia 3d vision games. When the pre ordering started it would be the first product I would pre order since buying something before it's even out there goes a bit against my principles. But when the site was up I was decided to order it since I'm pretty pumped about it and truly believe it will revive my taste for pc gaming, which has been low for a while now (since Crysis 1, to be honest, 2007. It was the last truly breakthrough in pc gaming in terms of graphics and I blame consoles for that).
Problem is HTC and Valve decided to allow pre ordering to countries like France and Spain but not to their neighbor Portugal. I mean, I know we're a smaller country but we have a high level of early technology adopters, just look at smartphones market share for instance. Moaning aside, does anyone has any clue when it will be available in other countries?