The Future of Android Games?


Jan 7, 2011
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What are your thoughts on the topic?
How far will the current Droid/Smartphone gaming in general get, you believe?

Doesnt Iphone, have a game using the Unreal Engine 3? Do we have that game as well with our droids?

I saw a demo of it, and a review. The controls seem to be the downer, but with nice graphics.

But when will we get good games, that also look like that graphically wise?

How far will Android Games get? we moving into the 3D smartphone gaming age yet?

whats going on... fill me in please. I want to know.
The thing with droid is so many different OS's, you have 1.5 to 2.3's, still on the market.

Also security is a big thing with Dev's. Android is so open that even Netflix is working on a way to get it on android and was released on W7 phones already... ya 2 month old OS.

We have good games, and there are people that can port a iPhone game over to Android in 24hrs, but again read above for the reasons why devs don't do it.

Also allot of 3rd party devs like Gameloft use there own site to buy games instead of the Android Market, but they don't tend to update there games when issues arise, kind of like 'get what you pay for' type deal..

I have a problem with EA were the text in Need For Speed: Shift is blocked by discoloring and it's yet to be fixed, and this is the 4th factory reset to my phone and it still does not work.

But: with Android you have the simplicity of easy emulators like GensOid, SnesOid so on, were you have all the games you can want at the click of a button, that takes other OS's hard work to get on them other then a couple clicks.