The Droid has been Rooted!


Nov 25, 2009
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Lake in the Hills, IL
I did the manual update to 2.0.1 and this appears basically the same so I know I can do it I just wonder if, a year from now, they will pull an "Apple" and spank anyone with the exploit.

From what I can tell these patches just have a script that mounts the /system file system and copies files to it. If the "recovery console" has root access wouldn't we be able to build your own zip files with (for example) an /etc/hosts file in it and just pretend its an update? This might give you temporary root access without a full fledged phone hack.

what do you mean by "pull an apple"? I had a 3G that i jailbroke at least a half dozen times. each time apple released new OS updates, i would restore to get the new functionality, then jailbreak again. Apple never did a thing to me, and i had the phone until two weeks ago.

So, what was this supposed spanking??