Texts Deleted/Texting Incorrect Contact


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Aug 7, 2010
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I really like archiving all my texts, so I have it set to "keep all"
Yes, it makes the phone run slower, but it's worth it to me...

So the other day, I went to text my friend on my Droid and after the text sent, all my messages were deleted.

Additionally, the phone sent the text to someone else on my contact list (which obviously elicited the response, "Did you intend to send this to me? Wow... I never knew that about you...").

I haven't texted anyone since then for fear that it would go to the wrong person, thus messing up my social life due to a technological problem...

So, what happened here? How do I prevent it from sending to a random person? And why do people on the Google Code website for this issue claim that it's fake and made up by trolls?