Text / SMS / MMS Lag


Apr 18, 2011
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When opening Messages it is VERY slow. When typing texts it's almost unbearable. If I do nothing with MMS my phone is fine...fast. Once I get inside MMS, if I'm storing tons of texts or a few video/pictures...LAG!

I searched a bit for an answer, can't find any recent threads about this and the TB. I know it's related to how many messages, pictures, and videos i am currently storing within the SMS view. I could essentially store NOTHING and never have lag. But seriously? This is a $700 phone, why can't it store a few pictures and videos...or ONE MILLION text messages if I wanted. It's TEXT. Has VZ or TB people said anything about this? Any fix? I have since lowered my text messages to keep only 15. But I for some reason have to keep 10 media messages. No lower. 10-100. I just sent out a bunch of pictures today, and I can barely open my Messages screen. I guess I'll delete what I sent? Seriously, this is unacceptable.