Nov 25, 2009
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Sprint telenav ripped from hero tried it it finds my location etc havenot run a route says gps signal not found but I am also indoors not hacked or patched its one of those apps that hidden on market from other non sprint carrier.

rename file to a .apk file if you have windows vista or win 7
go to the tools drop down in your window of the folder click folder options
then click view tab......uncheck the hide know file extensions this will allow you to change from .zip to .apk extension
got it installed, activated gps and i'm showing a gps lock but it still says cant find gps signal yet. I'm indoors and will try tomorrow. Seems like a good app. Thanks for the post
its locked but maybe gps chip different so it dont recognize it but its getting gps feed from the i/o port??????? hmmmm
Yeah, I tried a sample address and it gave me a route from where i'm at so it seems like it's getting a fix but technically not. The route was accurate so I'm assuming it's reading the gps just not recognizing it. making a trip tomorrow and will try it out. Don't know it this is any better than google nav though. I selected to speak a destination and it called sprint telenav to a automated voice who asked me to say the address then it synced to my phone. Will have to research more how this app works.
Is this safe to use? Sorry to sound so newbie, Just dont want to get in trouble!!!
its safe yes as its not a paid app stolenfrom market its ported from hero
whats wrong with the google nav? i love it myself... not always the best route but......
Telenav isn't a paid app? Last I checked they did charge for their service/app.