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May 27, 2010
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hey everyone i know i been a little spacey and haven't been working on themes. I have been cooking a special project for the fusion team i have been working on getting a good stable rom for the fusion team. which progress i think is going well but still in beta form right now. i have however did a CM style wallpapers app. and am adding all wallpapers from team fusion eventually i want to get rid of all non fusion papers out of the app. so if you got a wallpaper either post here or email to me and i will add it to the app. I did fetch a few wallpapers from different themers i found in team fusion topic.
it is available in two different ways either 1 of the 2 rom builds i have up or you can just grab the apk. just add it to your next theme and then all papers will be easily accessable via wallpaper selection. kook has tested this app and i haven't gotten any bad reviews about it from him so i assume it is doing exactly like it should. the link for roms and krunked papers is in my sig.

let me know what ya think
Great job bro...everything is running smoooooth.
right on glad to hear thatdancedroid
i take it i must have all the fusion papers already? or it just not a good idea?