TB seems to be dying

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Apr 26, 2011
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My husband has a Thunderbolt that is having increasing problems. The phone is not rooted and he has added mostly standard apps-- some games like angry birds and drag racing, an anti virus and app manager.

Ever since the first day he got it, it has seemed to overheat easily when in use. The first night it overheated and shut itself off while he was playing angry birds. Almost everything it does causes it to get very warm. Using the Wi-Fi hotspot, as well as playing most games, makes it very hot. He says that every time it gets hot, it seems to get worse and worse. The phone will stop connecting to data/3g (we don't have 4g here, yet), as if all the caches are full, but it's doing it multiple times per day and a restart doesn't seem to help for very long anymore. The stock news app never did sync and update and since he tried to get rid of it, it randomly launches itself, taking over whatever you're trying to do. It won't allow itself to be unsubscribed from any of the preset news services. When using gmail, random emails will come up, particularly when trying to back out of an email you've read. You'll be reading an email, but when you try to back out to the inbox, it will pull up random emails instead of going back to the inbox. They are random, not before or after the email that was being read. He says the phone is also getting slower and slower to respond when loading and running apps. He said that it's like every time it gets hot, it dies a little more, gets a little slower and a little quirkier.

It has a silicone case with a hard case over the back that was purchased with the phone at the Verizon store. Could that be holding some of the heat in? Is this overheating normal, or does this phone have a problem? We have already tried doing a battery pull (my idea from having a blackberry previously), which seemed to help very little for a very short amount of time. At this point the phone is being restarted multiple times per day and isn't a reliable data transmitter/receiver. Any advice? Is it a lemon?
App Killers, managers, are not necessary and can interfere with the performance of the phone. Get rid of that. Virus protection is a resource hog and also not necessary, this is not Windows. Get rid of that.

More then likely it's the antivirus causing this issue but get rid of both, restart phone. He should be fine.
Thank you. He actually had to use the app killer to kill itself, but it's gone now. Hopefully that will help.

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I have the same case and my battery widget has never reported high temps... maybe its a bad one?
edit: I"m thinking it new enough they dont have refurbs yet... get it while you can! :)
LOL. We'll see how it acts today. The phone never reported high temps, but you can feel that it is really hot and it has spontaneously shut down at least once when it felt really hot. My d2g gets warm, but never as hot as the TB. It seems like his processor is working overtime. He killed the antivirus/booster/app killer apps last night, so hopefully it will be better today.

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I've noticed mine will heat up from time to time while in heavy use also. I've found that if I open the kickstand the heat will subside pretty fast. Don't know if the useful stand is cutting down airflow or something but that's what usually works for me. Just my two cents.

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if its been overheating since day one, i would return it. (if your under 30 days, you can get a new one. over 30 days and it will be a refurb.)
I've also been averaging 104 degrees Fahrenheit on steady use outside of wifi. What gives? I find myself having to throttle down and cutting 4GLTE off just to cool it down.

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if you have the auto screen brightness thing turned on, turn it off and see if that helps. My OG droid would do this. I had to manually manage the screen brightness. This also seemed to help with battery life.