Task Killer Saved the day


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Jan 5, 2010
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So my brother downloaded the app "Woot Bot" on his Droid X, DONT DOWNLOAD IT. Anyway, he downloaded it and it proceeded to keep causing his phone to crash. He started freaking out cuz he has pictures of his newborn on there that he didnt want to lose. So I told him to do a battery pull and get the SD card out to prevent anything from going bad. No matter what, when we tried to restart the phone it would lock up after a couple of second. I had him throw it in airplane mode so it couldnt communicate with woots servers. This actually bought us a couple of seconds after each crash, but it would still crash whenever the app would start up.

Luckily he had advanced task killer on there and the extra time airplane mode got us was enough to enable autokill and set it to crazy. As we did it Woot Bot kept trying to open, but it kept getting auto killed. This bought us the time needed to get through the settings and actually uninstall.

The main lesson here is to always read the comments, if he had (which i did as soon as he mentioned the app) he wouldve seen that other people had the same problem, and had to perform a hard reset. But it all worked out this time. Task killers may not be great if you use them in an ocd manner, or when set to autokill, but they're a great tool when you get a trash app (for whatever reason) and need to deal with it.


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Nov 15, 2009
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Does the X have a safe mode like the D1? Can remove apps that way as well.

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