Tapatalk on Sale for $0.99 in the Play Store


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Jan 12, 2012
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Popular forum app, Tapatalk, is currently on sale in the Play Market. You can pick up the app for $0.99, which is down $2 from its original price. For those who don't know, Tapatalk is a forum app that allows users to quickly access, read, post, and participate in their favorite forums with a consistent layout. Tapatalk boasts support for a whopping 35,000 boards and works great with droidforums.net. If Tapatalk's regular $2.99 price tag has kept you away, now is a great time to pick up this solid and useful forum app. You can grab Tapatalk off the Play Market here or hit up the QR code below. If you pick it up or you already have it let us know what you think.


Source: Android Police
I have it paid full price and thought it was worth it su buy it if you don't have it :biggrin: What a bargain :icon_ banana:
This is a good price! If your are a regular on DF, Rootz and XDA, it saves alot of time and hassle!
I just grabbed it, nice price. I have a couple forums I can use with it.

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Finally fits my budget :laugh:

I'm glad I put off buying this app until now. Thanks for the heads-up DF, you're the best! :crazy:
Yes finally I can give up using 3 apps to browse my favorite forums (Droidforums app, xda app and Google chrome for rootzwiki)
I already went ahead and bought the tapatalk app and am posting from it now :D

Btw aren't there beta versions of tapatalk out now for those that bought the app? (Not on the play store yet)