Talon For Twitter Already Supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow


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Oct 6, 2011
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The only thing that we have official from Google so far on Android 6.0 is an announcement that Android 6.0 is marshmallow, a lawn statue, and a developer preview. Marshmallow won't be available to the public till later in the fall. Good thing that some developers are already getting busy updating their apps to support it. Talon is possibly one of the fastest and best Twitter apps for Android. Some key features are smooth performance, material design, theme engine, multiple twitter accounts, and more. This app will be ready to go once Marshmallow is released.

If you are currently on the Android M developer preview you can grab this updated app and make good use of it now! Full change log is below.

  • Built for Android Marshmallow
  • Revamp of Android Wear app layout
  • Support for favoriting and retweeting statuses from Android Wear
  • Support for composingtweetson Android Wear
  • Support for replying totweetson Android Wear
  • Show images on quotedtweets
  • Handle links tocomposetweets
  • Direct Messages no longer have a character limit
  • Show images on user profile pages
  • Apply Android Marshmallow’s new runtime permission model
  • Don’t stream blocked users with Talon Pull
  • Don’t redirect to the external browser for translations
  • Show embeddedtweetsrather than links in more places
  • Some performance improvements
  • Some bugfixesfor direct messages
  • Fixduplicatetweetsoccurring for some
  • Various Bugfixes
  • Update application dependencies
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Ugh, is this made by the same company that made the falcon twitter app?
Locked out from accessing twitter due to twitter key restrictions ,no refund, waste of time and $ trying to contact developer and get help (or refund)
Yeah... this too similar for my comfort (marshmallow support or not)