T-Mobile LG G3 Finally Receiving Android 6.0!


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Oct 6, 2011
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According to sources LG is about to release an udpate for the T-Mobile LG G3. The update will bring the device up to software version 30E. This update will officially put the T-Mo LG G3 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow finally, and also brings the devices up to the July Security patch. I guess you could say this was a long time coming. The release comes about a month behind other LG devices however this device is 2 generations behind the current flagship. I would say LG is doing a great job keeping this older device updated! There has been no word from T-Mo or LG as to when we will see this, but it should arrive soon.

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My next phone is straight up LG. How can you NOT love them? COmmitted to replaceable batteries... and updating the G3?!? How many companies are updating their last LAST gen phones with 6.0?
Hope you have better luck with your LG than I had with my G3. It was garbage, slow and the screen was impossible to read outside. Only had it for four months before I dumped it and AT&T and moved to a Turbo.
Isn't that the way things just some times work though? You had issues, but millions didn't. The G3 was LG's breakout runaway hit that finally but them back on the map. A friend of mine is still rocking her G3 and says it's the best phone she's ever had.
Occasionally, we have a bad experience with a phone.