lg g3

  1. E

    LG G3 Verizon black screen after boot

    Hello, my lg g3 verizon yesteday it shutdown itself and when i try to power on after the LG text goes to black screen and i can't do nothing? . I have make the factory data reset but nothing change. i try to put on Download Mode but stay 10 second and goes black screen again. Anyone have an idea?
  2. car0llle

    Solved No Wifi/Mobile Network after I closed my account

    I have an LG G3 and this morning I woke up to it not being able to connect to any kind of internet/wifi. I have tried home wifi, work wifi and my mobile data. It says "Connecting..." and then turns to "Saved". I rebooted the phone, forgot and connected again to the networkS, all with no luck. I...
  3. DroidModderX

    T-Mobile LG G3 Finally Receiving Android 6.0!

    According to sources LG is about to release an udpate for the T-Mobile LG G3. The update will bring the device up to software version 30E. This update will officially put the T-Mo LG G3 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow finally, and also brings the devices up to the July Security patch. I guess you...
  4. M

    Missing Notifications

    I have an Android LG G2 phone, running 5.0.2, and about a month ago, I noticed that notifications from certain apps (e.g. Words With Friends, UPS, DailyArt, Amazon Seller Central, Dictionary Word Of The Day) have not been displayed for a while. Other notifications, including systems ones...
  5. DroidModderX

    CM13 Arrives for Some Galaxy S5 and LG G3 Devices!

    While OEMs put an end to updates after a year or so the development community continues to release updates for phones long after they have been end of lifed. I can remember last year a Lollipop Rom came out for the Droid X. If the phone were not basically extinct at this point I am sure someone...
  6. DroidModderX

    T-Mobile LG G3 Stock Rooted Android 6.0 Images Available!

    The T-Mobile version of the LG G3 recently received the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Developer AutoPrime was nice enough to take the image and prepackage root with it! The flashable prerooted D851 30D build is now available for download. The build is also rootable with the KingRoot app...
  7. A

    Major OS battery drain after 47A update

    Trying to find advice on what to do with my phone after the 47A update has turned the OS into a nightmare. On idle, the OS uses about 80% of the battery, during moderate use the OS uses slightly more battery than the screen. If I charge to 100% before I go to sleep, in 6 hours my battery will be...
  8. DroidModderX

    How To ByPass Factory Reset Protection On LG Devices

    Google added Factory Reset Protection in last year in Android Lollipop. The feature seems pretty awesome in theory. The theory is that if you phone is stolen and someone wipes the data your phone will now be useless to them. If thieves are aware of this feature it will make Android cell phones a...
  9. DroidModderX

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow Ported To LG G3

    The dev community comes through again! A year ago the LG G3 was one of the first devices to run Android Lollipop. As it turns out they may be one of the last to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is what happens to devices. As newer devices come out older devices drop down the priority list, and...