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Mar 3, 2012
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Hi, I'm Shana and i'm a newbie here. first post. anyways, i had a droid 2 previously, then had to switch to a regular phone again for financial reasons and just got my droid back but now its the original droid 1. I also have a droid tablet (samsung galaxy tab if that matters...) Anyway, I am trying gto find an app where I can exchange pictures and music from one to the other and from my computer as well. I have come across quite afew dropbox like apps, however, most require that you open the media from the app itself. Meaning, I can listen to songs from dropbox itself, but they dont get stored in my music application. Likewise, i can see pictures from the app, but not in the devices gallery. Since i have different files on different devices, I would like if my tablets music went into my phones music client and my phone pics into my tablet gallery and vise-versa, and not have to open dropbox to access them. I'm kind of a newbie and cant do most hardcore techie stuff, but im hoping someone can help me it. It would be much appreciated! :)
You might try Cheetah Sync. It'll cost for the full version (one folder sync is free), but should do what you need.