syncing calendars?


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Jan 11, 2010
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I have the origional Moto Droid (just waiting for the x2 to drop in price) and my wife has the the HTC Droid Eris.

We need a way to synch our calendars. I want for either of us to put something on our calendars, and the change will show up on both of our phones. I already have our Outlook calendar synched with my phone using the Google calendar synch, but it only allows one Gmail account to synch to.

I tried sharing google calendars, but the other person's entries don't get shared with the phone (I add something, and she can see it on Google, but it doesn't show on her phone).

I also tried to synch her phone to our outlook with the HTC synch tool, but for some reason it won't recognize our outlook account on the computer.

Any suggestions?
Can you not send each other invites?

AFAIK you should be able to add a second Google account and just uncheck whatever you don't want synced.
This is a good question and the answer is a different than we usually look at things. There are a few ways to do it, but once you get the idea, you can pick the way you like. This solution presumes you ONLY want to sync the calendar.

His Android <=> His Outlook <=> Her Google Calendar via Google Calendar Sync
Her Android <=> Her Google Calendar <=> Her Outlook via Google Calendar Sync

In this example, you wife's Android will automatically sync with Google's Calendar through her Google account, which is built into the Android. Her Outlook will sync with her Google Calendar through Google Calendar Sync (free). His Outlook will also sync with her Google Calendar using Google Calendar Sync connecting to her Google Account. The last piece is picking a second software that will sync His Android phone with His Outlook. This can be done by a lot of different software and some of it is free.

You can visit to look over a chart of all the available software, what it syncs, and the price. You can choose something that syncs His Android to His Outlook directly through USB or Wi-Fi. MyPhoneExplorer (free) is one of many possible solutions.

Now, it is possible for the second piece of sync software on His computer to sync Outlook indirectly with His Android using His Google account. It would look like this using something like gSyncit as the second sync software:

His Android <=> His Google Calendar <=> Outlook through gSyncit
His Outlook <=> Her Google Calendar via Google Calendar Sync
Her Android <=> Her Google Calendar <=> Her Outlook via Google Calendar Sync

Of course, there are other solutions. Now that you get the idea, you can create some of your own. Cheers!
If your wife is using the eris, which is stuck on eclair I believe, then she will only see her colander. I'm not certain about the htc. My husband and I both share our calendars and they sync flawlessly.

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I cannot sync my Outlook calendar to gmail to get onto my Droid Charge

I have been trying for weeks. I followed the instructions for downloading google calendar sync and it all looks good. However NOTHING is syncing even though it ways it is. I have been on the phone with Verizon tech support and been booted to a higher level. they way it is Google issue.i don;t care who's issue it is...I just want it to work. no one is taking accountability and I want to retun the phone but cannot since I have had it over 14 days. If i had known would have tis much trouble I never would hve gone to a droid. anyone help?