Sync problem (ONLY) contacts.


Dec 9, 2009
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D.C. Area
So I went to call a person from my contact list and noticed they were not there anymore. I went into my data & sync options and noticed ever since 4/7/2010 (10 days ago) for some reason my Sync Contacts has failed. I went online into my gmail account and checked contacts and noticed I had all duplicates. I used the Merge contacts thing and fixed all of that. I still can't sync my contacts. It will constantly say fail on the Sync contacts.. (Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly).. yet everything else sync's perfectly... gamil/calendar/picasa/facebook.

Anyone have any ideas? I did do a mybackup restore when going to ultimate droid 9.8 and did a lot of searches here for the past hour where someone mentioned the same problem but not the solution.

I would rather not reset data and wipe. Thx :)
I noticed if I go to my contacts in gmail, then edit a contact then save it... they magically show up in my contact list on my phone. So it's like part of the sync is actually working, but I would really rather not have to "edit/save" all the contacts that are missing.
my girlfriend i s having the same type of problem but none of her contacts are in her google account on the pc cats knocked water on the phone and i dont want her turning it on but she need some phone numbers
I am SO glad I kept my Treo. I have written applications that send your bank's money (in the trillions) around the world. Your ATM card will buy you gas because of my team. And this ill conceived phone has cost me more time in attempting to perform fundamental tasks (sync, calendaring, etc) than has any device I've ever owned. There must be a lot of people with time on their hands to deal with this 1.0, no 0.1, software. Now I will use my iTouch to perform PDA functions and a simple cell phone to make calls. Sorry I gave away my GPS. Well, I get to buy a new one.
This has been an insane experience. Google, Microsoft, Apple. Apple Wins.
Good bye