Swithed from Better Home to Launcher Pro need help


Mar 11, 2010
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So I decided to give Launcher Pro a chance over Better Home. I've been pretty happy with Better Home but wanted a change. So I installed launcher Pro and it seems to freeze up quite a bit and it KILLS my battery fast! Upon installing LP, I forced closed BH so I don't think it was trying to run BH in the background but I could be wrong. Every time I'm in an application and hit the home button using LP, my wall paper shows up and it takes about 30 seconds or so until my icons appear. Any ideas?

I also stopped using my advanced task manager to kill apps shortly after installing LP because from what I've read lately that was the right move to make. I've since switched back to using better home and the advanced task manager to kill some apps and my phone is back to how it was before messing with LP. I do have some apps excluded from the kill list, like better keyboard, alarm clock, better home, calendar, e-mail, screeble, mylock, missed call, visual vm, handcent, and settings.


BTW, I'm still waiting for my OTA Froyo update (they do take their good old time, it's frustrating), phone is stock 2.1