Swap Thunderbolt for Droid X2

Like everyone says, it depends on your preference. If you don't have 4g service and don't live in a large town, I don't think 4g service will be out for some time. (Verizon told me end of 2012 in my area.)
Now with Verizon the phone you get you will have to have for 2 years. (unless you pay full price or used phone.) I would pay for the more advanced phone.

I just got my Thunderbolt 4 days ago and was looking to do the same thing and swap for the DX2. With the correct apps, you can get better battery life and turn off the 4g untill you are in a 4g area.

I will stay with my Thunderbolt.

Just my thoughts. Take it with a grain of salt.
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I just left my Droid X for a TB and I'm very happy with the switch. The dual Core would be nice, but I live in a 4G capable place and have a great plan set up in VZW. I also have read that the DX2 still has some of the same camera issues that I have previously complained about and I also am not the biggest fan of Blur. I liked my X, but not enough to get the DX2. No front facing camera was a deal breaker for me too since I use skype a lot. I was a little disappointed they didn't put a 4G capable radio in the DX2 because they might have had me if they did. Glad I made the switch to the HTC TB though.
Screw motorola and the locked bootloader they rode in on. I just picked up a thunderbolt yesterday should have it in a few days.

No 4g option at all and no front facing camera less ram and a locked bootloader = no for me i can turn 4g off and get better battery life on thunderbolt.

Also thunderbolt can talk and surf at same time over 3g and 4g.
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