SuperSU 2.64 Systemless Root is Here!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Chainfire keeps chipping away at SuperSU. Before long it will be perfect, working flawlessly across devices. The latest update brings SuperSU to version 2.64. The major change is with the zip installer. It will now try and detect 6.0 firmwares that are rootable without doing a systemless install. This means that the root will modify the system only and not the boot image. The root will install into /systme unless you override.

This may catch (a) firmwares that allow sepolicy reloading from /data but have a locked bootloader and (b) custom firmwares setup to handle this. Regarding the latter, while it is not as clean as systemless, those running custom firmwares are more likely to want to modify /system anyway, it is less likely to mess with updates to those firmwares, and it prevents the necessity of reflashing the ZIP after each kernel switch. Of course, the kernel's SELinux policies must support this!

Grab SuperSU 2.64 here!
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