Super Mario Run For Android Arrives In March!

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Oct 6, 2011
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By now you are likely pre-registered for the Android release of Super Mario Run. Nintendo has finally given us confirmation for the release time frame for the game's release. According to Nintendo we will see the game release sometime in March. Super Mario Run is a side scrolling runner game that features Mario and all of his friends. You can jump and collect coins as Mario runs at a predetermined speed. The iOS version of the game allows users to play through the first several levels for free before asking you to pay to unlock the rest of the game. It is unclear how Nintendo will monetize this game on Android. While the game was wildly popular in iOS downloads not many of those players followed through with a purchase. The game hasn't done as well financially as Nintendo had hoped. Who knows if they will change up their monetization strategy for the Android release. Head to the link to get pre-registered.

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