super cheap tablet recommendation to use as a family calendar


Nov 9, 2009
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My wife likes a large paper calendar on the wall, i like my calendar in the cloud.
We have our google calendars synced on our phones and as a compromise I suggest we got a super cheap largish tablet and hang it on the wall as a family calendar at home.
Any recommendations for such a thing?
Doesn't have to do anything except display google calendar and maybe act as a simple photo frame.

I know many of the super cheap chinese tablets do not have google app store access but how much of an issue is this? I like using google calendar but I guess I could easily sideload it? I have a signed apk for the latest version of google calendar from the nexus 6 that I am using fine on my phone.

How about rooting those super cheap tablets?
I am looking for something around $50-70 maybe.
Hi @angelman check out our sister site dedicated to Android tablets at Android Tablet Forum to get some ideas on cheaper tablets. Lots to choose from over there. Best of luck!
Target will have some dirt cheap tablets for black Friday