Sunshine Now Officially Supports The HTC One A9


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Oct 6, 2011
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Why buy the HTC One A9? If you were an early adopter you were able to preorder it at $399 which one could argue is too much for a phone with these specs. Maybe you just loved the design of the phone which is reminiscent of the iPhone 6 (don't tell an HTC fan boy this they will chop your head off and proceed to explain why the iPhone ripped off the design of the HTC One M7 :D). Maybe you bought the phone because you knew that Jcase and TheRootNinja team would make easy work of getting the phone S-Offed!

With S-off you will be able to flash anything you like on your One A9. This could be dangerous as you have no protection if you flash the wrong thing on accident. It also means that you will be able to flash all types of Roms and other mods. Sunshine will S-Off your One A9 with the click of a button. The app is free and will tell you if your device is compatible. Once it determines compatibility you will be charged a $25 licensing fee. Then the app will S-Off your device. Grab Sunshine at the link below.