HTC Updating The iPhone Clone


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Oct 6, 2011
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HTC took a bit of heat when they released the HTC One A9 last year. The device made you do a double take. "Is that an iPhone you have there or an HTC One A9? I can't tell?" The dual white out antenna bands across the top and bottom rear of the device and round camera hole gave the device a brotherly resemblance to Apple's flagship of the day. This was HTC's attempt at a mid range device. All jokes aside the phone had plenty to offer. I have to say it was a great looking phone that had some high quality specs. HTC kind of ruined it though by shipping out pre-orders of the device months later.

It looks like we are getting anther A9 device. This time HTC has decided to borrow the naming practices of Apple. They will simply be adding an S to the the name. So the new device will be the HTC One A9s. Very original guys. The device is expected to arrive in black, gold, silver and white. There will be no HTC branding on the front of the phone the same as the HTC 10. Other than a 13mp rear camera and 5mp front camera specs are unknown on this device. The phone should be announced at IFA on September 1.

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