Sunday Evening Chat: Scouting Combine (Android Style)


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Dec 23, 2009
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Those that follow sports, football in particular, know about the Scouting Combine that took place this weekend. With Mobile World Congress two weeks out we are preparing to see how the Spring line up of phones stack up against one another. The obvious favorites, Samsung and HTC, are already leaking out information about their upcoming devices. From the information we have about HTC and Samsung which one is your projected #1 pick?
What manufacturer device do you think will be a sleeper pick this year (ie

With news of Google sending out prototypes of the next version of Glass, What do you need to see from Glass before investing money to buy the product?

Google is looking to add new improvements to Wallet (Google reportedly introducing refreshed Wallet strategy at Google I O 2015 what improvement and/or additions are you wanting to see?

As I close this thread post I would like to leave off with this video.