Summer Sunday Evening Chat: 6/7/15


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Dec 23, 2009
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We will talk about the Android M update schedule and what it means to you, is Android going to be the next evolution in gaming, and what was you favorite special edition device?

First bit of news can be found on the developer pages of Google and that is the update schedule for Android M. Right now some of us are running the Android M preview while others await for it to be officially released. The update schedule is as followed:
  • Preview 1 (which we are running now)
  • Preview 2 late June/early July
  • Preview 3 late July
  • Final (official) release Qtr 3 (Aug-Oct) around the same time the new Nexus devices are released.
So if you are using a Nexus, Moto X (2), or Moto X pure edition you should see Android M in the 3rd or early 4th qtr. Everyone else will likely see it around the 1st qtr of 2016.

Between the Nvidia Shield Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Nintendo possibly partnering with Android (or not depending on the article) there is an obvious market that is open for the taking. There are a lot of casual gamers out there who have not committed to a gaming console but would be willing to purchase a set top box that can provide a modest gaming experience for the casual gamers. Yes we are in a world where Sony and Microsoft are duking it out with some sick consoles, but for people who travel a lot or game once in a blue moon there is a potential market that can be fulfilled by the right company. The one area that both Nvidia and Amazon are lacking is in the gaming department. Madden, College Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, are games that have been a staple of casual gaming entertainment for over a decade. There are a handful of people who will look at a device like the Nvidia Android TV and Amazon TV and will buy it because it is over $100 cheaper than the XBone and PS4. So can android evolve into the next set top gaming device that will garner the attention of the public and possibly challenge the big boys among casual gamers?

Over the years we have seen our fair share of special edition devices whether it was a Ferrari edition Moto G, the R2D2 Droid, the Verizon employee exclusive edition phones or the recent Iron Man S6, what was your favorite special edition device through the years?